DIY Instructions

This section of the site is where you find all the interesting DIY (do it yourself) step by step instructions for your sustainable garden.

If you have any requests, please contact me, and I will write them up and post them here.

Also, if you have any instructions for permaculture/organic gardening/ suxtainable gardening  projects or ideas you would like to contribute, please  send them to me at: 

and I’ll post them here (with  full credits to you of course!), the aim being  to share any helpful information.


Here is a list of the current instructional guides on this site (updated frequently!):

1. Building a Small Water Garden

2. Espalier Support/Trellis

3. Grafting Eggplant onto Devil Plant

4. Grape Vine Trellis

5. Hot Compost – Composting in 18 Days

6. Plant Labels & Watering Trays from Recycled Containers

7. Propagating Herbaceous Plants from Cuttings

8. Raised Garden Beds

9. Recycled Plastic Drum Rainwater Tank

10. Self Watering Tray

11. Self-Cleaning Wheelie Bin Water Tank

12. Starting Annual Vegetable Seedlings Indoors

13. Strange Brew! Homemade Garden Sprays

14. Starting Your Permaculture Garden

15. Home Made Plant Rooting Hormone – Willow Water

16. How to Build a French Drain

17. Propagating Hardwood Cuttings

<more to come>

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