What’s New! Mar 9, 2010

  • Added Self-Cleaning Wheelie Bin Water Tank under “DIY Instructions“, detailing the construction of a wheelie bin water tank system that uses an overflow siphon to clean itself automatically of sediment at the bottom of the tank 

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About Angelo (admin)

Angelo Eliades is a presenter, trainer, writer, permaculture consultant, urban permaculture pioneer and food forest specialist.
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3 Responses to What’s New! Mar 9, 2010

  1. I have had the most wonderful morning…some hours…looking through all your posts, taking notes and admiring. Wonderful …just wonderful. I appreciate your sharing of knowledge and your garden I started my first ever garden at 52 last May. Love it. There wasn’t a lot here when I started with no bees, worms, ladybugs, butterflys and with neighbours heartily intent on spraying the life out of evey weed that dared raise its head. On a limited budget I have gone for a mix of dwarf fruit trees, vegies and flowers. I need a photo update of my garden if only to show off my rhubarb but I do have pics on my blog.
    Thanks again for sharing in such depth. Shirley


  2. Ooop forgot to mention. I am in Launceston Tasmania.


    • Blackthorn says:

      Hi Shirley,

      Your climate in Tasmania isn’t too different from use here in Melbourne, so I’m guessing you can pretty well grow anything that I’m growing.
      I’m still trying to get my rhubard patch growing, first time I’ve ever tried growing rhubarb…
      Great to hear about your garden, and as we all know, it’s never too late to start gardening!



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