Backyard Urban Food Forest Tour

Date : Sunday May 29th, 2011

Time : 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Location : Preston, VIC 3072

Deep Green Permaculture has created Melbourne’s first demonstration urban Permaculture food forest, and we run many regular tours and workshops for general public.

See how a conventional backyard was transformed two and a half years ago into a productive, biodiverse urban food forest using Permaculture Principles – with more than 30 fruit trees, berries, annuals & perennials, companion plants & many others!

Due to popular demand we’re running one extra garden tour before winter!

 To register or to find out more, please email:

About Angelo (admin)

Angelo Eliades is a presenter, trainer, writer, permaculture consultant, urban permaculture pioneer and food forest specialist.
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3 Responses to Backyard Urban Food Forest Tour

  1. dv says:

    amazing angelo…
    you have shown a revolution is possible in a fistful of earth
    proud to be your friend


  2. Blackthorn says:

    Thanks dv, find your work inspiring! I’ve shown so many people your swale video, it’s very impressive what you’ve created from dry land!


  3. Hope you have a wonderful time….it is marvelous what you have achieved and may many be inspired by it. I am.


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