Edible Garden Workshop – South Melbourne Commons – Sat 10th December 2011

We’ll be running one of the Edible Garden Workshops at the South Melbourne Commons Opening Celebration on Sat 10th December 2011.

See the advertisement for the event below:


Greetings Everyone,

You are invited to the Opening Celebration of the South Melbourne Commons on Saturday 10th December between 10am – 4pm  Entry is free.  Please see our attached invitation.
There will be edible garden workshops on the day:

  • 10.30 – 11.15am     Tea & Herbs Garden with Karen Sutherland
  • 1.00  – 1.45pm       Salad Greens Garden with Seila Hierk, (Commons Garden Coordinator)
  • 2.00 – 2.45pm       Berries and Fruit Self Sufficiency woth Angelo Eliades
  • 3.00  – 3.30pm      Composting with Sandra Pullman

We are celebrating our opening with a Christmas themed launch on Saturday December 10th from 10AM to 4PM.

Father Bob Maguire will speak, officially welcoming The Commons to the space and our award winning sustainable café is putting on a BBQ.  Our launch will showcase all the fabulous initiatives we have going on here at The Commons. There will be tours of our edible Permaculture gardens, the new organic grocer, the café will host foodie displays, a cooking demonstration and we will host tours of the building that has experienced a real transformation mostly due to the hard work and dedication of our fantastic volunteers.  Apples and Jam will also be holding events for children and music will be provided by local high school students and choirs.

The South Melbourne Commons (The Commons) is a unique urban development comprised of public open space, community facilities and retail orientated social enterprises on the site of the old Galilee School on the corner of Bank and Montague Street, South Melbourne. As The Commons is a joint initiative of Friends of the Earth and the Father Bob Maguire Foundation, our vision encapsulates the dynamic social and environmental qualities of both organizations.

The Commons is comprised of a food co-op known as ‘The Pantry’ where customers can purchase local and organic groceries. Apples and Jams a inspiring space for children that facilitate children’s parties, art classes, play groups and garden club.  A café run by Original Foods, an award winning sustainable caterer.  A heritage listed event space which has been hired out for events such as community group celebrations and weddings.  We are currently coordinating an event calendar because the room will be used by dance groups, drama troupes and independent pilates, yoga and wellness instructors holding classes for the public.  Soon you will be able to have your children looked after by Apples and Jam,  take a yoga or other wellness class, have a coffee and then pick up your weekly groceries.  Alternatively, you can come to gardens with a book and just enjoy the gardens.

The aim of The Commons is to:
1. Establish a secure and enjoyable urban space for the Port Phillip community to enjoy;
2. Establish facilities where people can learn how to live a more sustainable lifestyle and access products and services to help reduce their ecological impact;
3. Improve the health & well being of local disadvantaged people through creative social ventures;
4. Provide meeting spaces, offices and function areas for local community groups to use for their operations, public engagement and fundraising; &
5. Increase the resources and capacity of local groups providing services to the community.

The Commons and our launch will explore all aspects of conscious lifestyle choices. We encourage the community to come learn, enjoy and participate in our event who’s aim is to encourage the community to have fun and be more environmentally and socially conscious consumers.

Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/South-Melbourne-Commons/190646834293848
And visit our website at http://commons.org.au/

Developed by Friends of the Earth and supported by Father Bob Maguire Foundation along with the Victorian Government Sustainability Fund, managed by Sustainability Victoria.

The South Melbourne Commons is located in the beautiful old Catholic primary school, next to St. Peter and Paul’s Church.

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