What’s New! June 18, 2012

  • Added a new subject topic on Permaculture Design Principles, where each principle will be explored in detail with practical applications of each design principle, as well as design tips. The introductoy main article, Permaculture Design Principles, provides a brief overview and list the principles themselves.

The eighth article in this series discusses the design principle of Accelerating Succession and Evolution, it explores how Nature establishes forests through the ecological process of forest succession, and how we can accelerate this process through various techniques to establish forest systems in a fraction of the time they take naturally. Also, it looks into how we can substitute the species that build a forest with ones that are useful to us, such as in food forst designs.

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About Angelo (admin)

Angelo Eliades is a presenter, trainer, writer, permaculture consultant, urban permaculture pioneer and food forest specialist.
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