Gardening Workshops at Bulleen Art & Garden

I’ll be running some gardening workshops at Bulleen Art & Garden in the next few months – see the whole range of classes available and book online here –

Here are the three workshops I’ll be running:



No-Dig Gardening Workshop

Price: AUD $30.00

A no-dig garden can practically be built anywhere that has some sunshine and it really doesn’t involve any digging! This hands-on workshop will demonstrate the steps involved, the materials used and then how to actually plant into it. You CAN have a vegie patch without breaking your back!

Suitable for all wishing to start up a new vegie bed.

SATURDAY 18th AUGUST, 10.00am – 12noon



Edible Forest Gardening

Price: AUD $30.00

Ever wondered how forests grow by themselves without any mowing, spraying, digging or weeding, while your vegie patch takes so much work? Imagine if you could build a forest with just edible plants and trees? Well, you can. Learn how to construct one of the most productive edible garden system that takes the least work to maintain, is naturally pest and disease resistant, and can be built in backyards of any size. Angelo of Deep Green Permaculture runs Melbourne’s first demonstration edible forest garden, and can show you how to maximise the productivity of your backyard through forest gardening by turning your garden into a thriving, productive, living ecosystem brimming with produce.

Suitable for gardeners with some basic experience


EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Book before August 13th for the discounted price shown



Garden Nasties – Controlling them Naturally

Price: AUD $25.00

Angelo of Deep Green Permaculture knows about the garden pests and diseases that plague local gardens. Sorting out which is friend and which is foe and keeping them under control, without resorting to toxic and harmful chemicals is what Angelo can show you during this class. Recipes to make your own using common household items, integrated pest management systems and tactics to employ to outwit the nasties is what this class is all about.

Suitable for beginners to more experienced gardeners

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Book before October 29th for the discounted price shown




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