What’s New! April 21, 2013

Geoff Lawton has releases another free Permaculture Design video, and another edition of the free magazine “Permaculture Designer“!

Here’s Geoff’s description of his latest free offerings:

Geoff here again.

When the USA Army Core of Engineers wanted to re-design the 15,000 acre Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant into an eco-industrial park, they asked me to help.

 When AECOM, a fortune 500 Civil Engineering company that turns over 8 Billion a year wanted to do a sustainable design for the 18 Billion Dollar Masdar City in Dubai, they again called on me to consult for them.

Permaculture Design principles work on large scale projects, large rural farms, small rural acreage, urban areas and even city balconies.

Many of you have been asking us to show you what you can do on a smaller rural property. So we’ve held off launching the next video on Urban until next week and have put together a special new video on what can be done in a smaller rural property.

I too was once like many of you are now and taking my first steps on a smaller rural property.

My brand new free video “5 Acre Abundance on a Budget” where I show you how I turned a 5 acre cow paddock into a Permaculture Paradise on a tight budget is now LIVE and ready for you to view.

You can view this video and the magazine here: http://www.geofflawton.net/5acres/?10033

Just in case anybody missed the previous free releases, you can find them at: http://www.geofflawton.net/property/?10033



About Angelo (admin)

Angelo Eliades is a presenter, trainer, writer, permaculture consultant, urban permaculture pioneer and food forest specialist.
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