Download Gardening Calendars (Australian Temperate Climate)

One of the secrets to productive gardening is seasonal timing – knowing what to plant when, and doing all the important gardening tasks such as pruning, transplanting and even propagation at the right time of year.

It’s hard for anyone to remember it all, so many gardeners use a handy reference, the gardening calendar!

To make your gardening life easier, we’ve got some garden calendars for you, which provide the following information:

  1. a month by month rundown of all those pressing chores that need to be done
  2. a comprehensive “sow what when” monthly seed planting guide

What Locations Are These Gardening Calendars For?

These gardening calendars are for Australian temperate climates (climates with a warm summer, average January maximum temperature of less than 30°C and a cool winter).

This includes: most of southern coastal Australia from Melbourne and Adelaide through to Perth, the coastal region south of Sydney, the New South Wales tablelands and inland Queensland.

Temperate Climate Garden Calendar Downloads

Click on the links below to open or save the calendars which are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format:

1. February-March Gardening Calendar

2. April-May Gardening Calendar

3. June-July Gardening Calendar

4. August-September Gardening Calendar

5. October-November Gardening Calendar

6. December-January Gardening Calendar

Happy Gardening!

16 thoughts on “Download Gardening Calendars (Australian Temperate Climate)

  1. The calendar is a blessing. Do the plantings work for the Central Table Lands ie Bathurst NSW? or should I do everything a month later? Our temps go to 35 in summer (these days) and can get to -10 in winter but would typically be more like -5 to -7.
    Anne Marie Craine

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing!! 🙂
    The last calendar link ( 6. December-January Gardening Calendar ) gives back the 404 error. It is not possible to download the PDF. Can you check it and maybe share it again?

    Thanks again!

      1. Thanks, that was the second link that you identified that needed to be updated, all working now!

  3. Wow these calendars are very helpful. It is always a challenge for people to be productive in their gardening specially in this Australian climate. Many get discouraged when they plant the wrong plants for the season and do not get the outcome that they expect. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  4. I absolutely love this website, I am learning so much!

    I am curious to know if you would ever do a calendar for subtropical climates? It is so useful to have the blurb at the top that reminds us about the right time for pruning, cuttings etc.

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