Gardening Workshops at Bulleen Art & Garden

I’ll be running some gardening workshops at Bulleen Art & Garden in the next few months – please click on the links below to book:


Fruit From Small Gardens

Price: AUD $45.00

Even smaller suburban blocks have space to grow fruit and our presenter is testimony to this. Come and get tried and true tips on what fruit, nut and berry varieties are suitable to grow in pots and how to get them as productive as possible; as well as keeping the fruits in ground to a manageable garden size.

Suitable for beginners to growing fruit trees.

THURSDAY 19th JUNE, 6.45pm – 9.15pm


Companion & Guild Planting

Price: AUD $45.00

With companion planting, by knowing which plants to grow together and which ones not to, you can grow stronger, healthier and more productive plants, improve soil quality, and reduce pests and diseases in your garden. Learn which companion plants to add to your garden to solve many common garden problems naturally, and find out how to construct ‘plant guilds’; groups of plants that grow much better together for more abundant harvests.

SUNDAY 18th AUGUST, 9.30am – 12pm


Winter Fruit Tree Maintenance

Price: AUD $45.00

The aim of this demonstration class is that you will leave it feeling confident to maintain your fruit trees.  The preparation that is done in the colder months pays mighty dividends in the growing and harvesting seasons to come. 

Learn all of the pruning techniques and needs of individual fruit trees from apples and plums to persimmons and pomegranates.  And hear about what NOT to do! 

Discover how to reduce and prevent pest and diseases that compromise your fruit production.  Learn how to treat problems with different methods – organic/permaculture and conventional. 

We also cover buying new fruit trees. 

We are happy to be demonstrating how to clean and sharpen your pruning tools and other edged garden tools (spades etc).  This workshop includes a hands-on practical component where you have the option to bring one of your own pruning tools along and learn to sharpen it.

SUNDAY 27th JULY, 9.30am – 12pm


Backyard Berries and Vines

Price: AUD $45.00

No space in your garden to grow fruit? Think laterally, literally! Berries and vine fruits need support to grow and that can be against a bare fence or an unused pergola. Some are even small shrubs. Easy to grow and very productive, cane berries, such as raspberries; and vine fruits, such as grapes and kiwi fruits, are suited to our climate. And think of the price you would pay for a punnet of berries! Come and learn how you can grow delicious berries and fruits yourself.

Suitable for gardeners with some basic experience

SUNDAY 3rd AUGUST, 9.30am – 12pm

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