New Look Website Announcement!

Hi readers, we’re improving the Deep Green Permaculture website, it’s now sporting a new cleaner look, and it’s hopefully easier to navigate, there will be even more changes to come. Hope you like the way it looks now!

There will also be more content and articles coming as we announce some new gardening projects in public space which we’ll be following month by month, as well as more DIY projects, and some exciting new content on urban agriculture.

Please feel free to provide feedback on the changes to the site, suggestions are most welcome!

Thanks Smile


  1. Dear Angelo,

    Firstly thanks for the site- I use it a lot for my own garden.

    One suggestion, for those not in Melbourne who cannot easily go on a tour, it would be great to have a video of you going around your backyard explaining the practical implementation of principles and what has worked and failed. I could easily sit down and watch an hour of someone with your knowledge getting into the nitty gritty of daily,weekly, monthly, yearly management of your garden. Just a thought.

    Keep up the great work.


    Chris Blair


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