Help Create Darebin’s First Food Forest on National Tree Day! Sunday 27th July 2014

All Nations Food Forest is a project that few local residents and I initiated, and proposed to our local government around a year ago, and it’s now it’s being built! This is a true pioneering project, it’s Melbourne’s first council built food forest in open public space!

See details below:

Help Create Darebin’s First Food Forest on National Tree Day!

All Nations Food Forest Site Location 2

Darebin City Council is building its first food forest based on a design incorporating many of the community’s great ideas and suggestions. You are invited to make history and be part of the Food Forest’s creation by helping us plant the forest on National Tree Day.

When: Sunday 27th July from 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Where: At the site in All Nations Park, on Separation Street, Northcote (opposite Santa Maria College).

What to bring: Bring your own water, warm weather-proof clothing, gardening gloves, a hat and a hand trowel if you have one. There will be a limited number of tools available.

Bookings not required. Drop in any time during these hours to lend a hand. Free tea and coffee will be provided.

For more information contact Jules Martin on (03) 8470 8435 or


  1. Great to see Darebin getting a Food Forest but I have to disappoint you, it’s not the first in Melbourne, that honor goes to Ashburton which established one a bit over a year ago


    1. Thanks Gaby, that’s why I specified “council built”, as All Nations is a council project, and that’s a ground-breaking step forward! 🙂 The Ashburton food forest was built by the residents, I know as I had a small part in it, helping select the site from a few possible options and suggesting a few design ideas. We also had the Ashburton designers visit during the public consultation for All Nations and they shared ideas. There’s also the Moreland Food Gardens Network Dunstan Reserve Food Forest at West Brunswick which is a very old project that was re-started by locals. We’re seeing more coming up each year and it’s great for people to get involved and support these projects! The great thing about Permaculture is that we all know each other and work together, it’s all in the spirit of community cooperation, and all the projects of this nature collectively benefit everyone! 🙂


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