Open Gardens Australia – Open Garden Event 10-11 Jan 2015

We’ll be taking part in the Australian Open Garden Scheme once again in 2015!

Here are the details of the event from the Open Gardens Australia – Victoria calendar:

Angelo’s Food Forest, Saturday 10 January – Sunday 11 January 2015

A living example of the principles of permaculture gardening. Many varieties of fruit trees and 23 different types of berries jostle for space among unusual medicinal herbs, edible flowers and perennial root crops. Small ponds with edible water plants and tiny fish. Hydroponic vegetable beds.

Talks on permaculture gardening at 11.30am and 2.30pm each day

Address: see Open Gardens Australia advertisement for details



  1. Hello! I came along to your Open Garden today and was so inspired – thank you for sharing your expertise. I was very excited to see your cranberry fruiting (I was hoping to grow cranberries in Melbourne, but wasn’t sure that they’d get enough chilling hours – now I know they will). Also great to see your hops flowering, your HUGE apricots (it’s against my religion to thin fruit, so my apricots were about a third the size of yours), mulberries with unripe fruit in January!, lush leafy comfrey, the gorgeous flowering thyme – so many exciting plants growing together.


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