Free Spring Gardening Talks at BAAG! October 2015

I will be running a series of free short talks on a range of gardening topics at Bulleen Art & Garden Nursery (BAAG) during October.

The location is 6 Manningham Road West, Bulleen, Victoria. 3105 and the contact number for BAAG is (03) 8850 3030 if you have any queries.

A copy of the event listed in the BAAG newsletter has been provided below, with event details:


Throughout October, our resident permaculture guru, Angelo Eliades, will be giving a free talk every Thursday at 11am. These fun and informative talks – covering just about every aspect of produce gardening – won’t just help you make the most of your own garden; as well, Angelo will be on hand to happily answer any questions that you might have.

Thursday Oct 1 – Rotation planting and laying out your vegie patch
Thursday Oct 8 – Turning seedlings into strong healthy plants: nutrition and companion planting
Thursday Oct 15 – Succession planting: avoiding feast and famine
Thursday Oct 22 – Achieving a bountiful harvest
Thursday Oct 29 – Tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes (and basil…)


  1. Dear Angelo,

    Could you video the talks and upload them?
    I really love the work you are doing and am much inspired by the level of detail you have got into. I can’t find anybody else on the web with such useful material than yours. Whilst I am in Sydney and in a different climate, I would appreciate it.

    Kind regards


    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Dear Angelo,
    Would you consider videoing your short talks? I would love to be there but am in Sydney and I think that what you are doing in a small urban space is marvellous. I would be very content with a camera simply watching the presentation and hearing the Q and A.
    Just a thought.

    Chris Blair


    1. Hi Chris, thanks for your comments! I won’t get a chance the video these short talks but I promise there will be more professionally filmed videos coming up in the future! Regards, Angelo


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