Free Spring Gardening Talks at BAAG! November 2015

I will be running more free short talks at Bulleen Art & Garden Nursery (BAAG) during November.

The location is 6 Manningham Road West, Bulleen, Victoria. 3105 and the contact number for BAAG is (03) 8850 3030 if you have any queries.

A copy of the event listed on the BAAG website has been provided below, with event details:


Throughout October and November, our resident permaculture guru, Angelo Eliades, will be giving a free talk every Thursday at 11am. These fun and informative talks will be covering just about every aspect of produce gardening. They will help you make the most of your own garden this season. Angelo will answer any questions that you might have during the talks.

  • Thursday Oct 1 – Rotation planting and laying out your vegie patch
  • Thursday Oct 8 – Turning seedlings into strong healthy plants: nutrition and companion planting
  • Thursday Oct 15 – Succession planting: avoiding feast and famine
  • Thursday Oct 22 – Achieving a bountiful harvest
  • Thursday Oct 29 – Tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes (and basil…)
  • Thursday Nov 5 – Growing herbs indoors – it can be done
  • Thursday Nov 12 – Maintaining beneficial insects in the garden for natural pest control – keep your unpaid pest controllers working
  • Thursday Nov 19 – Terrarium taster. Joy will be giving this talk on what you can grow in a terrarium, as well as an insight into the terrarium making course she will be running in late November.
  • Thursday Nov 26 – Herb pots – What goes with what, growing conditions for success

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