The Great Local Lunch, a Sustainable Living Festival feature event, on Feb 14 2016

I’ve been asked to share this free event which is part of the Sustainable Living Festival.

WHEN: Sunday 14 February 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm

WHERE: Feast-Out Village Birrarung Marr, Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia

Event details here for booking –


Hand holding produce2




Share your Love for Local this Valentineʼs Day Inviting backyard and balcony growers to come together for a massive locally grown and foraged feast. On Sunday February 14 The Sustainable Living Festival will hold the biggest Great Local Lunch yet. Take a seat in the pumping heart of Melbourne, on the banks of the Yarra, and break bread to show your love for local.

The Great Local Lunch will bring together 200 local farmers, backyard growers and Melbourne foodies, to inspire a new generation of growers.

Host Costa Georgiadis, from ABC’s Gardening Australia, will unearth gardening, cooking, recipe and sustainability tidbits.

Gathering around a table and engaging in conversation, is a simple solution to sustainable living. The Great Local Lunch is about connecting with each other and the source of our food.” Costa said.

The planter boxes outside the Town Hall on Swanston Street and at Gordon Reserve near Parliament will be converted into veggie patches to coincide with The Great Local Lunch. The Lord Mayor of Melbourne and President of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, Robert Doyle said the Foundation is pleased to support The Great Local Lunch.

I hope it will inspire city dwellers to cultivate their own veggies at home.” The Lord Mayor said.

For your chance to win two tickets register online at and tell us what homegrown produce you would like to contribute.

Please contact Riki Edelsten for interview and photo opportunities.

Phone 9249 1888
Mobile 0414 375 798

Funded by the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.



  1. Hi…unrelated to your blog post but… have just read your great series of posts ‘my garden’.

    In that you mentioned that to avoid artificial mean you may consider putting permaculture potting mix into an autopot systems and just using the autopot system for watering only.

    Did you do that and if yes, how did it go?

    Thanks Paul


    1. Hi Paul,
      Putting organic potting mix in an Autopot hydroponic system and using it just to supply water works great for plants that love high moisture levels, I’ve been growing Lebanese cress, celery, pennywort (arthritis plant or Gotu kola), brooklime, watercress. For plants that need less moisture I might have to try putting a layer of scoria at the bottom of the pots so they wick up less water, but I haven’t tried that yet.


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