Biochar: The Oldest New Thing You’ve Never Heard Of

Here’s a great video on biochar by Wae Nelson at TEDxOrlando  that shows what a difference biochar makes to plants, people and the planet!

Wae Nelson was employed as a mechanical engineer in the aerospace and defense industries for many years, working both as a designer and as a manager in manufacturing. Now he publishes the magazine beloved by local gardeners, Florida Gardening, and pursues his passion for biochar — a diy, scalable technique to both improve horticultural yields and sequester carbon simultaneously.



  1. Hi, thanks for everything what you showed me and I’m very impressed about permaculture as I said before I have 9yrs working with permaculture garden but some of your ideas are new in my mind and also in my ears thanks very much. I wish to make some sustainable garden bcos now I’m not working and its excited to build gardens with waste and create job formyself to earn something at home.


    1. To keep things in perspective in regards to the article link supplied, biochar is part of a greater solution, turning large quantities of wood into biochar and burying it is an oversimplification of the solution. Biochar is usually ‘charged’ with organic matter and nutrients before use, it’s a critical ingredient in rebuilding healthy soils, but like any recipe, one ingredient on its own is not the finished product.


  2. Wae,
    Tampa Chapter Rare Fruit Council International would like you to visit us again. You gave one of your first talks about biochar to us back in August 2011. I know you are into permaculture a lot these days.
    Do you ever plan to be in Tamp again?
    Tom Schaefer, President


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