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I’ve been contacted by Geoffrey and Craig Clitheroe to promote their upcoming film Permaculture The Documentary. In their article they introduce themselves, their work, and give us three sample videos which I’d like to share. I personally found the Permaculture Documentary : Jodie Venetti video incredibly inspiring, hope you enjoy these videos!


Dogs Go Woof Productions is a documentary film company from Perth WA and was founded by twin Brothers Geoffrey and Craig Clitheroe.

They set to change the world through storytelling by challenging the way people think. After reading the book “The Myth Gap” by Alex Evans, Geoff and Craig realised there was an emotional disconnection between people and factual data from science. People can’t relate to science because it is filled with data, with no stories along with it. Craig and Geoff have decided to fill this gap by bringing together facts and emotion. Through storytelling in their documentary films, is their attempt to reconnect people to fact and dispel fiction.

Permaculture The Documentary is their first feature length film merging facts and stories together. The film’s theme centres around Climate Change and how we can as individuals make a difference and live sustainably. Unlike many environmental films, the documentary is designed to inspire people and provide tools that audiences can apply in their own lives.

Permaculture is an ecological design system about working with nature rather than against it. It uses science, systematic thinking and engineering to create more efficient, effective, balanced human settlements while respecting the surrounding environment’s limitations.

The film will be free to stream online. Geoff and Craig believe the message is what is important. “To really make a difference, the film needs to be available to everyone around the world without limitations of where or who it’s available to” said Geoff the Producer of the film.

Normally funds are raised through investors and distributors owning rights to its screenings. Instead Geoff and Craig plan on raising funds through donations and crowdfunding to produce the film so that it’s rights are not limited and available worldwide

You can support the film by following their Facebook page Permaculture: The Documentary or visiting their website

Permaculture Documentary : Jodie Venetti

In the suburbs of Perth, Western Australia lies a Permaculture Food Forest grown by Jodie Venetti.

when Jodie discovered permaculture she became really excited about turning her backyard into a food forest. But she soon realised, growing food was one thing, having the time, using all the produce and working a full time job was another. Restricted by responsibility, she decided to throw herself into the challenge to live off her own home-grown garden for a year in a bid to bring her garden fully into her life.
What she gained, she couldn’t have even imagined in the beginning. This is her story.

Permaculture Documentary: Charles Otway

​Meet Charles Otway former Chemical Engineer and Permaculture Educator in Perth Western Australia.

Charles identifies the challenges with our economic system. From time in people’s lives becoming scarcer,  life becoming less and less diverse and trying to reach the unreachable in life. Discover how Permaculture has can give us another path to better the world’s future.

Permaculture Documentary: Craig Printing Company

As part of the journey to making Permaculture Documentary series, Craig & Geoff Clitheroe head out to find an eco-friendly printing for the documentary flyers and discovered The Environmental Printing Company.

Owner Craig Campbell tells his story of why they went environmental and what he hopes for the future.

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