Save BAAG from the North East Link! 2018


The Bulleen Art & Garden (BAAG) Nursery is a wonderful local nursery which promotes sustainable and organic gardening, runs great educational workshops and is very much a part of the local community. It backs onto the Yarra river wilderness area which supports a wide range of indigenous flora and fauna. All of this is being threatened by a proposed freeway project which will run through the location of the nursery and surrounding river ecosystem.

A “Save BAAG from the North East Link” petition has been started, please sign to indicate your support!

The petition page on the BAAG website can be found at

The direct link to the petition is


Here’s more information from an email sent out by BAAG:

Please sign a petition to help save BAAG from the North East Link

If you haven’t already heard, Bulleen Art & Garden is under serious threat from the proposed construction of the North-East Link. We are now asking our community help us to survive by signing a petition at BAAG is an innovative garden centre which provides a visitor experience not found anywhere else in Melbourne. Some people in the garden industry even say we are unique in the world with our focus on art, environment and a wide range of rare and unusual plants.

We have been operating from 6 Manningham Rd West in Bulleen for the past 50 years, and under the current family ownership for over 35 years. BAAG is proudly an integral part of the local community and our approach is driven by a continued commitment to nurturing creativity and community. BAAG inspires, enables and educates our community to live in a more environmentally sustainable way. Please help us by signing this petition and spreading the word to your friends and families. The petition is calling on the North East Link Authority to ensure that the path the new road takes does not impact BAAG. It will only take a few seconds to sign, head to There is an optional section for comments, feel free to add your support there as well if you like!

Thank you so much to all of you who take the time to sign!

If anyone is having trouble with the embedded petition on our site, the direct link is

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  1. If possible, write to your local Member also, or, even better, visit the office and speak in person. Let them know it’s not just locals who care, but people from all over Melbourne. I did so, and got to speak at length with the Member himself, and was pleased that he knew all the details of this issue.


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