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Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – February

February is the last month of summer, and it’s still a fairly dry time of the year in Melbourne, so water deeply and less often during dry periods to encourage roots to grow down, making plants less vulnerable to heat and drought.

Take advantage of the hot dry weather to do weeding, and lay the weeds on top of the soil to dry out and become mulch, but remove and dispose of the seeding parts first.


Things to Do This Month:


Vegetables and Herbs to Sow:

Sow in February Harvest (weeks)
Beetroot ds 7-10
Brussel Sprouts ds 14-28
Broccoli ds 10-16
Buckwheat d 8-12
Cabbage ds 8-15
Caraway d 24 mths
Carrot d 12-18
Cauliflower ds 15-22
Chervil d 6-8
Chicory d 8
Chinese Cabbage ds 8-10
Cress d 2-3
Endive ds 10-11
Kohlrabi d 7-10
Leeks ds 15-18
Lettuce ds 8-12
Mustard greens d 5-8
Oats d 8-12
Onions ds 25-34
Spring Onions d 6-10
Parsley ds 9-19
Parsnip d 17-20
Potato tubers d 15-20
Radish d 5-7
Rhubarb crowns d 12 mths
Salad Burnett ds 6-8
Salsify d 14-21
Shallot bulbs d 12-15
Silverbeet ds 7-12
Swedes d 10-14
Turnip d 6-9

d = sow directly into ground
s = sow in seed tray
ds = sow directly into ground or seed tray
*= frost tender
**= sow after frost

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