Free ‘Grow Your Own Way’ Gardening Course at West Brunswick Community Garden

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For residents of the Moreland area (Melbourne, Australia), here’s a free beginners gardening course that’s been offered over 8 weeks, starting on Thursday 21st March 2022. I’ll be one of the presenters of this course, so I’m promoting it here for the community.

I’ve provided a copy of the flyer below, which you can view or download:

I have provided a copy of the community garden’s webpage below, or you can view it directly here at

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This is a special call out for youth/adults experiencing some kind of disadvantage, including: mental health challenges, any form of disabilities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, Asylum seekers, migrants, lgbtqia+ members, older people, any other.

Have you had a hard last year and need to reconnect with nature and meet like minded community members?

Are you a Moreland resident and would love to join the amazing West Brunswick Community Garden?

Would you like to increase your gardening knowledge and join the awesome Angelo Eliades, facilitator of the courses?

Don’t wait any longer and come and join our 8-week course beginning next week (14th April).

  • Two courses will run in parallel (am and pm sessions), with 12-15 participants in each of them.
  • We have funds to receive 1 support staff/per group if needed (please get in touch if this is needed).
  • Participation is free.
  • Upon completion, participants will receive a 12 month free membership to West Brunswick Community Garden.
  • Questions? Contact Fransisca:

Please visit this link for further information and to register your attendance. 


  1. Jon B says:

    Great idea Angelo – hope to be able to do it if it’s offered again (can’t make it currently)

    1. Angelo (admin) says:

      Thanks Jon, we are hoping to be able to run this course again in the future, but it’s okay to join part way through (just enroll now and let them know that), we will work accommodate people’s situations.

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