Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – October

October is the mid-spring period, flowers bloom in abundance, the warmer weather with rain bringing ideal conditions for lush plant growth. The cold weather hasn’t quite finished yet, cold nights and even frosts can still be expected, along with strong winds, so it’s important to protect tender plants and seedlings.

Things to Do This Month:

  • Plant evergreen shrubs and trees (this includes citrus trees).
  • Relocate evergreen shrubs – they can now regrow their roots during the mild weather.
  • Set up windbreaks (e.g. plastic tree guards) to protect newly planted evergreen trees and shrubs.
  • Plant potted fruit trees and vines (having roots, can be planted anytime, best in spring & autumn).
  • Relocate any self-seeded annuals to better locations in the garden.
  • Tidy up overgrown plants and tie growing vines back to supports or wires.
  • Continue propagating plants by taking cuttings or layering (both ground layering and air layering).
  • Feed brambleberries (raspberries, blackberries & hybrids) and currants.
  • Last chance to remove dead winter growth, and to dig up and divide perennial plants
  • Clean out ponds and water gardens, divide waterlilies, plant new aquatic plants.


Vegetables and Herbs to Sow:

Sow in October Harvest (weeks)
Amaranth ds 7-8
Angelica ds 18 months
Asparagus d 2-3 years
Asparagus Pea d 8-11
Beetroot ds 7-10
Borage ds 8-10
Burdock d 17-18
Cape Gooseberry ds 14-16
Carrot d 12-18
Celeriac s 14-28
Celery s 17-18
Chicory d 16-24
Chinese cabbage ds 8-10
Chives ds 7-11
Climbing beans d 9-11
Coriander d 30-45
Cucumber d 8-10
Daikon d 8-10
Dill d 8-12
Dwarf beans d 7-10
Endive ds 10-11
Fennel d 14-15
French tarragon d 30-40 days
Globe Artichokes s 42-57
Horseradish d 16-24
Jerusalem Artichokes d 15-20
Kohlrabi d 7-10
Lemon balm s 8-10
Lettuce ds 8-12
Marrow d 12-17
Mustard greens d 5-8
NZ Spinach s 8-10
Okra ds 11-14
Oregano s 6-8
Parsley ds 9-19
Parsnip d 17-20
Potato d 15-20
Pumpkin ds 15-20
Radish d 5-7
Rhubarb d 12 months
Rocket d 21-35 days
Rockmelon ds 10-16
Rosella s 21-25
Rosemary d 12 months
Sage d 18 months
Salsify d 14-21
Silverbeet ds 7-12
Spring onions d 8-12
Summer savory d 6-10
Sunflower ds 10-11
Sweet corn ds 11-14
Sweet marjoram s 8-10
Turnip d 6-9
Yacon d 25
Yam/Oka d 15-20

d = sow directly into ground
s = sow in seed tray
ds = sow directly into ground or seed tray
*= frost tender
**= sow after frost

Download printable PDF version of Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – October

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