November Vegetable and Herb Gardening Calendar for Temperate Climate Australia

It’s November, the last month of spring, and with the weather warming up we see plenty of sunny days and lots of new green growth emerging in our gardens. In Melbourne, the changeable and windy weather from October continues, while in Perth and Adelaide the […]

Why Are My Houseplant Leaf Tips Turning Brown?

The five main reasons leaf tips and edges of houseplants turn brown are: When indoor plants display such symptoms, it’s their way of showing us that something may not be right, and they need attention. 1. Improper Watering When houseplants are overwatered, underwatered, or watered […]

What Are the White Deposits on the Surface of Houseplant Pots?

Salt accumulation or build-up in plant pots appears as a white-to-yellow-coloured, hard, crusty mineral deposit along the edges of the growing medium. What Is Salt and Fertiliser Accumulation in Houseplants and Is It Harmful? Water naturally contains dissolved minerals, also known as soluble salts. Water […]