Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – July

It’s July, Midwinter has arrived! As all of Nature’s energies turn inwards, and life comes to a standstill, we finally have a chance to rest and reflect too. This month temperatures will hit their lowest for the year, rain will fall for half the month, and the windiest time of the year in Melbourne begins.Continue reading “Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – July”

Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – June

June brings us the start of winter, with colder, wetter weather, but there are still some sunny days to be had, winter vegies to harvest, and some tidying up to do around the garden. As deciduous trees and shrubs shed their leaves and become dormant, it’s a good time to both plant new ones andContinue reading “Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – June”

Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – May

May is the last month of autumn, when the weather starts cooling down. This is a time for pruning, taking cuttings for propagation, divide perennials, and t put in new trees, shrubs and vines. The soil is also still warm enough for moving and relocating plants around the garden. It’s also the time to cleanContinue reading “Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – May”

Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – April

April brings us well into autumn, and the days are now getting shorter. While the soil is still warm, it’s a good time to plant trees, shrubs, and herbs, as their roots will have a chance to take hold before winter. This is also the last chance to harvest fruit such as apples and pearsContinue reading “Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – April”

Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – February

February is the last month of summer, and it’s still a fairly dry time of the year in Melbourne, so water deeply and less often during dry periods to encourage roots to grow down, making plants less vulnerable to heat and drought. Take advantage of the hot dry weather to do weeding, and lay theContinue reading “Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – February”

Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – January

It’s January, and we find ourselves right in the middle of the summer season. It’s in this month and the next that we experience the hottest day-time and night-time temperatures of the year. With the weather so hot and dry at this time, and with hot north winds blowing, it’s important to keep up withContinue reading “Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – January”

Download Gardening Calendars (Australian Temperate Climate)

One of the secrets to productive gardening is seasonal timing – knowing what to plant when, and doing all the important gardening tasks such as pruning, transplanting and even propagation at the right time of year. It’s hard for anyone to remember it all, so many gardeners use a handy reference, the gardening calendar! ToContinue reading “Download Gardening Calendars (Australian Temperate Climate)”