Product Review – Shoe Sync Earthing Shoes DIY Kit by Earth Runners

In our previous product review we looked at an excellent product, the Earth Runners Minimalist Outdoor Sandals, footwear which combines the barefoot benefits of earthing shoes with the functionality of minimalist running sandals. Much to my delight I received an invitation to review the latest product by Earth Runners, the Shoe Sync Earthing Shoes DIYContinue reading “Product Review – Shoe Sync Earthing Shoes DIY Kit by Earth Runners”

Product Review – Earth Runners Minimalist Outdoor Sandals

  Having a love of Nature and an understanding of the well-being benefits of interacting with Nature, I’m always looking to review products that enhance people’s connection to Nature or even just encourage them to interact more with Nature. When I was contacted by a new company who introduced themselves in the following way – Continue reading “Product Review – Earth Runners Minimalist Outdoor Sandals”