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Weeding Without Chemicals or Digging

Weeds growing on path and driveways, though crack or gaps in concrete and paving, or in empty garden beds are very easily taken care of without chemicals or digging. How is that possible you may ask? Go put the kettle … Continue reading

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Biochar: The Oldest New Thing You’ve Never Heard Of

Here’s a great video on biochar by Wae Nelson at TEDxOrlando  that shows what a difference biochar makes to plants, people and the planet! Wae Nelson was employed as a mechanical engineer in the aerospace and defense industries for many … Continue reading

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Hugelkultur Bed Construction for Large and Small Spaces

Learn how to construct two different types of Hügelkultur raised beds which will allow you to compost all those heavy branches, tree trunks and woody prunings while at the same time improving the fertility and water retention of your soil. … Continue reading

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Make the Most of a Small Space

Here’s a short video that Sky TV’s Real Estate program filmed in my backyard on how to ‘Make the Most of a Small Space’ for gardening. The Sky News description of the video is “Angelo Eliades gives his best gardening … Continue reading

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BIOCHAR Ancient Origins, Modern Inspirations

Guest Article by Paul Taylor, PhD Biochar Consultant, thebiocharsolution.com “Biochar, produced in pyrolysis of residues from crops, forestry, and animal wastes, can be used to restore soil fertility while storing carbon for centuries to millennia. Biochar helps soil retain nutrients … Continue reading

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All Nations Food Forest – A Project Not Realized

“No one is so brave that he is not disturbed by something unexpected.” – Julius Caesar   Important Announcement: There will not be an All Nations Food Forest project! Our contribution: We the founders of the project Angelo Eliades, John … Continue reading

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All Nations Food Forest – Understanding the Design Process

The term design can mean many things to many people, so it’s important to understand what the design process actually is, what it entails and its intended purpose and objectives. Functional design has a purpose and aims to solve a … Continue reading

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