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Book Review – Jackie French’s Guide to Companion Planting

Jackie French's Guide to Companion Planting

Jackie French’s Guide to Companion Planting

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Jackie French’s Guide to Companion Planting is one of my favourite books on the subject of companion planting. What’s companion planting? It’s a system of planting certain plants together for some form of benefit such as natural pest control, resistance to disease, increased productivity and a myriad of other benefits. It’s a widely used technique in in organic gardening.

This book is based on the author’s extensive gardening experience, as the book description states “This book is the result of 40 years of studying gardens, orchards and the bush; of Jackie French experimenting and testing what lore works and what doesn’t.”  It’s not an dry academic text, it’s a friendly sharing of experience which any gardener can enjoy and appreciate. Its casual manner makes it an accessible, easy to read reference, and the layout makes it quite easy to find the information you’re looking for.

The book covers the subject matter well, explaining how companion planting works, listing crop plants and companion planting strategies for growing them, pests and diseases and  corresponding companion planting solutions, and lists of companion plants with descriptions of their uses and benefits. There’s plenty more relevant information too! There’s a lot of useful and usable information packed into such a small paperback.

Some readers may remember a previous edition of this book called “Jackie French’s Guide to Companion Planting in Australia and New Zealand”  published in 1991. This is the ‘Fully Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition edition’  published in 2013.

This is a definitely a book that I would thoroughly recommend, it’s one of two main companion planting references that I have on my bookshelf and have been using for over a decade!

Deep Green rating for “Jackie French’s Guide to Companion Planting ” is 5 stars!

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