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July Vegetable and Herb Gardening Calendar for Cool & Alpine Climate Australia

Australia - cool climate zones
Australia – Cool & alpine climate zones

It’s the month of July, and Midwinter has arrived! As all of Nature’s energies turn inwards, and life comes to a standstill, we finally have a chance to rest and reflect too.

During this month temperatures will hit their lowest for the year. Brief spells of strong cold winds may be experienced, becoming stronger in the afternoon. Frosts also become more frequent during this month. There may be light snow in some areas and there’s snow on the Great Dividing Range.

Hobart will experience around half a month of rain, and Canberra has its frostiest and foggiest month of the year.

There’s a range of seeds to sow, and lots of opportunity for winter pruning, relocating deciduous plants and planting new ones!

Things to Do This Month:

Vegetables and Herbs to Grow in July (Cool & Alpine Climate)

July Seeds to Sow and Seedlings to Plant (Cool & Alpine Climate Australia)Sow/PlantHarvest (weeks)
Broad Beansdst12-22
Garlicplant cloves17-25
Silverbeet (Swiss Chard)s7-12
Snow Peass12-14

d = sow seeds directly into ground
s = sow seeds into seed tray
ds = sow seeds directly into ground or seed tray
t = transplant seedlings (small plants) into larger pots or plant into ground
*= frost tender
**= sow after frost

Download printable PDF version of Gardening Calendar (Australian Cool & Alpine Climate) – July

To help improve these garden calendars, feedback and additional information from readers is greatly appreciated! Australia’s climate varies considerably, and local knowledge of when particular things need to be done in the garden are most helpful to others living in those area, so please feel free to share.

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