Welcome to Deep Green Permaculture – we’re an educational website, and on this site you’ll find lots of practical information and easy to follow DIY (do-it-yourself) instructional guides on the topics of permaculture, urban agriculture, food forest gardening, backyard orchard culture and organic gardening.


The mission of Deep Green Permaculture is to:

  • inform readers about the most sustainable and productive organic gardening systems available
  • show  with real life examples, facts and figures what can be achieved using these gardening systems
  • inspire readers to have a go and  grow food wherever they live

Whether you only have a window box, balcony, courtyard, backyard or a whole farm, you can learn how to grow more food, so give it a go, and hope you enjoy this site!

There’s also included a section on the design, construction and ongoing progress of my own garden, hopefully it provides ideas and inspiration to people, and shows what is actually possible.


Deep Green Permaculture – linking people, food and Nature