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Angelo Eliades is presenter, trainer and writer in the areas of sustainable gardening and Permaculture. He is a passionate forest gardening advocate, and has a thriving demonstration Permaculture food forest garden in Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs which he regularly opens to the public. His garden won the Darebin Sustainability Award – House & Garden category in 2013, and was featured in the prestigious Open Gardens Australia event in 2014 and 2015..

With over a decade of experience in organic gardening, his specialty is designing and building food forests – sustainable intensive food production systems which utilize ecologically-based design principles for maximum productivity, minimum work and natural pest and weed control.

When he is not consulting, teaching, working in the retail nursery industry, or enjoying time in his own garden, he supports community gardening projects as a technical advisor, and runs the educational sustainable gardening website Deep Green Permaculture!


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If you have any comments, queries, feedback or requests for articles, please feel free to contact us at deep_green@optusnet.com.au


Special Thanks:

This site was inspired by my Permaculture teachers, Bill Mollison, Geoff Lawton and Greg Knibbs. It was a privilege to  study the PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) with them September-October 2008  at Trinity College, Melbourne University. They really demonstrated what a difference one person’s work can make in the world.

Special thanks to Merian Ellis, the journalist who interviewed me about my garden project, and got me started in collating all the material to put this site together.




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