Guest Post – Should You Get a French Drain?

Despite its name, a French drain didn’t come from France. It’s a drainage system created by an American named Henry Flagg French. It’s mostly used for removing water from fields, but today, it’s much more common to use french drains to avert water from inside homes or yards. In short, a French drain is usedContinue reading “Guest Post – Should You Get a French Drain?”

Guest Post – What is a Tiny House and How You Can Get One by Molli McGee

Image source The best things often come in tiny packages, and this is certainly the case when it comes to tiny houses. At no more than 500 square feet, tiny houses come packed with functional and often eco-friendly features. There are two main types: tiny houses on wheels and tiny houses on foundations. A tinyContinue reading “Guest Post – What is a Tiny House and How You Can Get One by Molli McGee”

Guest Post – How Gardening Helps Cancer Patients Cope

When I was first diagnosed with mesothelioma, I knew my live was never going to be the same. In fact, I felt like it was over. I am still fighting this terrible type of cancer, but I have a lot of ways to cope with the physical and emotional symptoms now. I discovered one ofContinue reading “Guest Post – How Gardening Helps Cancer Patients Cope”

Guest Post – How to Plan Your New Vegetable Garden Step by Step

Now is the time to start planning your vegetable garden. You might not have a large area yet this is not to say you are unable to grow a substantial amount of healthy vegetables for you and your family. The best of all, having a vegetable gardening for beginners does not have to be difficult,Continue reading “Guest Post – How to Plan Your New Vegetable Garden Step by Step”

Guest Post – Permaculture The Documentary

I’ve been contacted by Geoffrey and Craig Clitheroe to promote their upcoming film Permaculture The Documentary. In their article they introduce themselves, their work, and give us three sample videos which I’d like to share. I personally found the Permaculture Documentary : Jodie Venetti video incredibly inspiring, hope you enjoy these videos!   Dogs GoContinue reading “Guest Post – Permaculture The Documentary”

Guest Post – A Little Green Goes a Long Way: Plants Perfect for Your Office

Here is a guest article written by Eugene Feygin and provided by! While your office may not be your sanctuary, a few simple changes can positively affect the way you feel and work. For starters, you can add a little life to your workspace with plants. Office plants not only make a space moreContinue reading “Guest Post – A Little Green Goes a Long Way: Plants Perfect for Your Office”

Guest Post – Your Herb Garden Harvest – Creative Ways to Use Your Herb Bounty

Here is a guest article written by Chris McLaughlin and provided by! When beginner gardeners ask me which plants are hardy and forgiving, my answer is always herbs. If a busy gardener asks me which plants will thrive in near-neglect, my answer is herbs. When a foodie gardener asks about fast-growing plants that willContinue reading “Guest Post – Your Herb Garden Harvest – Creative Ways to Use Your Herb Bounty”

Guest Post – A Personal Permaculture

Guest Article by Samantha Langlois Program Coordinator, Organic Life Guru A Personal Permaculture The Permaculture movement has a well-educated and passionate following of dedicated practitioners. It also is terribly misunderstood by mainstream modern culture. The term ‘permaculture’ may indeed be one of the most misunderstood terms thrown around by well-meaning environmentalists. I think itContinue reading “Guest Post – A Personal Permaculture”

Guest Post – The Chicken Coop Checklist

Here is a guest article from Jack Smith from!   Sustainability is something that’s close to my heart, so when I started looking into keeping chickens I was shocked at how confusing it seemed. I just wanted to know how to build a chicken coop but all the different options and slang was offContinue reading “Guest Post – The Chicken Coop Checklist”

Guest Post – BIOCHAR Ancient Origins, Modern Inspirations

Guest Article by Paul Taylor, PhD Biochar Consultant, “Biochar, produced in pyrolysis of residues from crops, forestry, and animal wastes, can be used to restore soil fertility while storing carbon for centuries to millennia. Biochar helps soil retain nutrients and fertilizers, reducing emissions of GHGs such as N2O….” James Hanson   In this articleContinue reading “Guest Post – BIOCHAR Ancient Origins, Modern Inspirations”