Mindmaps for Permaculture Ethics and Design Principles 21 Card Set by Brett Pritchard (free to download)



Brett Pritchard, a recognized pioneering permaculturalist and recipient of the Permaculture Services Award (1992) has released a set of mindmaps to accompany his free to download Permaculture Ethics and Principles 21 Card Set which is available on his website http://www.permaculturefundamentals.com .

There are 21 mindmaps available in MS Word format, one for each Permaculture Ethics and Design Principles card, and these are free to download here.

From Brett’s website, here is some further information about the mindmaps for the Permaculture Ethics and Design Principles 21 Card Set :

These mindmaps link with the 21 cards and can be used as teaching notes. I have used them for teaching the first two days of a PDC as well as in a 2-day ‘Introduction to Permaculture Fundamentals’ course. I am making them free to download to make it easier for PDC graduates who want to get into teaching permaculture, as well as for the general public who want to learn more about permaculture. Along with the card set these are sufficient class notes for two days (12 hours) of teaching. As these contain materials from a number of Permaculture texts they cannot be reproduced for sale but are for educational purposes only. People are free to alter them for local languages or for specific groups but please give credit if you do use them in a course. They are in Word format so they can be altered easily but I would recommend saving as a pdf before printing.”


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