Book Review – My Garden by Sandra Verhoven & Joyeeta Neogi

My Garden

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My Garden by Sandra Verhoven & Joyeeta Neogi is a beautiful children’s book, and a sheer delight to read!

The product description on Amazon describes the story as follows:

“Nona has never worked in a garden before, but she would like to give it a try. When her parents rent a small plot of land across the street from their house, Nona and her best friend Toby transform the empty space into a magnificent vegetable garden. And Nona’s dream of becoming a farmer comes true! My Garden shows that modern occupations aren’t the only path to success. Happiness and achievement can also be found in traditional occupations such as farming and working the land. My Garden is a charming story that opens the door to dreams and to a future that each and every child can enjoy.”

  • Paperback: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Dixi Books Publishing OOD (28 Aug. 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 6197458039
  • ISBN-13: 978-6197458039

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As a sustainable gardening writer and educator, I teach adults how to garden, and aim to inspire them to live more in harmony with the Earth. It’s interesting to observe that after getting their hands dirty for the first time, so many adults wish they had discovered gardening much earlier in life. When I read this wonderful little book, I realised it’s potential to inspire children to embark on a joyous and rewarding  lifelong journey into the world of gardening!

It may be a children’s book, but it’s amazing how powerful the message within it is. The story touches on so many valuable themes – the happiness which comes through connecting with nature, the importance of community, and the rewards that come from pursuing personal goals when we’re passionate about them. Reflecting on my own childhood, I found I could relate to so many elements of the story.

This thoroughly enjoyable book has so much to offer! Much to my delight, I discovered it’s quite educational too, masterfully weaving useful gardening information into the storyline. What a lovely way to introduce children to the basics of gardening!

Such a brilliantly written story, I’ll admit it’s very entertaining and engaging, it had my attention captivated and from cover to cover. I felt the Illustrations really brought the story to life with their rich visual imagery and beautiful colours. I really loved the inclusion of the ever-present striped orange cat too, this book had me looking for Nona’s pet cat with the turn of every page.

It’s so inspiring to see a children’s book that is well written, educational, entertaining and instils positive values in children, this little gem is highly recommended!

Deep Green rating for “My Garden” by Sandra Verhoven & Joyeeta Neogi is 5 stars!

five out of five stars

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