How to Make Horticultural Oil Spray for Organic Pest Control

Horticultural oil, also known as white oil, is an easy and inexpensive pesticide to prepare at home from readily-available materials. It is used to control scale, aphids, mealy bug, citrus leaf miner, mites and caterpillars on roses, ornamentals, citrus and other fruit trees. The commercial […]

The Complete Food Additive Code Number List to Decode Food Ingredients

Food additives are listed on product labels with a three or four digit number code, because their real names may be far too long to use. This number system is known as the International Numbering System for Food Additives, or INS for short. For example, […]

Selecting the Right Size Pot or Container for Growing Vegetables

Container gardening is a great way to grow vegetables when there is no space left in the garden beds, or when space is limited, such as in a courtyard or balcony. When growing in a pot or container, the three main requirements are:  The container […]