Why Indoor Plant Leaves Turn Yellow and Drop

When houseplant (indoor plant) leaves turn yellow, it’s usually one of the first symptoms indicating that the plant is stressed. If the conditions causing the plant stress are not alleviated, the yellow leaves may eventually turn brown and drop. Plant stress can be caused by […]

My Bookazine, Growing Fresh Food & Herbs Using Permaculture Methods, Has Been Published!

In this comprehensive, practical gardening guide, we’ll show you the easiest ways to produce brilliant, bountiful harvests with less effort and cost, by working cleverly with nature.  New to gardening? Start the right way, learn how to select the best sites for garden beds, prepare […]

Can Biodegradable Foam Packing Peanuts Be Composted?

Foam packing peanuts are a lightweight packing material which is used to fill the empty space in boxes and containers, to cushion the contents and protect them from damage during shipping. They’re a welcome addition in freight packaging for the additional protection they provide, but […]

Plants Grow Here Podcast, Ep.70 Enhance Your Urban Yield – Angelo Eliades (Deep Green Permaculture)

I was invited to talk on the Plants Grow Here podcast with Daniel Fuller on Sunday 10 October 2021, you can listen to Ep.70 Enhance your urban yield – Angelo Eliades (Deep Green Permaculture) here: https://kite.link/PGH-ENH Episode description: Angelo Eliades is an urban permaculturist that’s […]