Why Are My Tomatoes Cracking and Splitting?

Fruit cracking is a common problem in tomatoes when there is a wide fluctuation in soil moisture levels, which leads to inconsistent water content within the plant.  This is usually caused by huge temperature variations and/or inconsistent irrigation. The cracking or splitting of tomato fruit […]

How To Make Safe and Effective Rat and Mouse Baits Using Baking Soda

Introduced, non-native, feral rodents, such as the Black Rat (Rattus rattus), Brown Rat, aka Ship Rat or Norway Rat (Rattus norvegicus) and House Mouse (Mus musculus) are serious pests that need to be controlled. The danger with using commercial poison baits to control rats and […]

How to Harvest Bananas and Ripen Them Indoors in Temperate Climates

Bananas are tropical plants that belong to the Musaceae (plantain and banana) family. The cultivated varieties of bananas available today originate from ancestral species native to the Malaysian peninsula, New Guinea and South-East Asia. Even though banana plants are mistakenly referred to as trees, they’re […]

Why Are Citrus Trees and Other Evergreens Planted in Spring?

The recommended time for planting all evergreen trees and plants, including citrus, is in spring, and the next best time to plant them is in early autumn. The question many new gardeners ask is why? Evergreen trees and plants retain their leaves all year round. […]

Plants Grow Here Podcast, Ep.107 Companion planting by veg family – Angelo Eliades (Deep Green Permaculture)

I was invited to talk on the Plants Grow Here podcast with Daniel Fuller once again, you can listen to Ep.107 Companion planting by veg family – Angelo Eliades (Deep Green Permaculture) here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6MWPemQs5NkOLrvjPiIr3f?si=e2R4emj2QoWxMQe4Adnaow Episode Description: Have you ever wondered which veggies to plant together, […]

Three Useful Herbs Which Can Be Used as Natural Compost Activators and Much More

Comfrey, nettles and yarrow are herbs that are dynamic accumulators, plants capable of concentrating nutrients at much higher levels than the surrounding soil. When added to compost, these herbs break down, releasing their concentrated nutrients, helping initiate the composting process in a new compost pile, […]

Gardening Calendar (Australian Temperate Climate) – June

June brings us the start of winter, with colder, wetter weather, but there are still some sunny days to be had, winter vegies to harvest, and some tidying up to do around the garden. As deciduous trees and shrubs shed their leaves and become dormant, […]