Product Review – WOLF-Garten Weeding and Planting Knife

Wolf Garten Ks2K Fixed Hand Tool Weeding And Planting Knife (You can click the image or link above to view product details or purchase this product from Amazon and support Deep Green Permaculture!) A Weeding and Planting Knife is one of those garden tools that […]

How to Net Fruit Trees and Berries for Pest Control

Natural pest control techniques such as companion planting can control most of your small garden pests such as insects, but what can gardeners do about birds and animals? The seasonal event of birds and other critters stripping fruit trees clean is nothing new for farmers, […]

Converting Months to Seasons – Northern and Southern Hemisphere, Meteorological and Astronomical

Good gardeners learn to time their work according to the seasons, but when do the seasons begin and end? There are different ways to divide up a year into seasons, changing when each actual season starts. Seasons can be meteorological or more traditionally astronomical, so […]