Community Announcement (Australia) – Hort People Green Industry Job Board

Announcing the Hort People website, an Australian green industry job board where employers can advertise jobs and job seekers can find work at NOW HIRING! HORTICULTURISTS, GARDENERS, LANDSCAPERS, TEAM LEADERS, STUDENTS & BEGINNERS. Hort People is run by Daniel Fuller, the host of the […]

How to Stop Plant Pots Blowing Over in The Wind

If you grow plants and trees in pots, some will eventually grow large enough to become rather top-heavy. considering that most potting mixes are fairly light, they need to be for proper aeration and drainage, they may not provide sufficient weight to prevent tall or […]

Are Paper Wasps Beneficial in the Garden?

Paper wasps are beneficial insects that are a natural part of the native ecosystem and play an important role in pollination and pest population control. Paper Wasp Identification There are many species of paper wasps worldwide, so they do vary in appearance, but the distinctive […]

What Are Crane Flies and Are They Harmful?

Crane flies (Family Tipulidae) look like giant mosquitoes, being up to 3cm (1-1/4″) in length, with a long slender abdomen, very long thin legs, narrow wings, and long antennas with multiple segments per stalk. They can be brown, green or white in colour. They’re sometimes called […]

The Best Ways to Fill Space in Tall Plant Pots That Are Too Deep

Tall plant pots can look quite elegant indoors or out in the garden, their shapes serving as visually appealing aesthetic design elements. One of the downsides though to using such deep pots is the large volume of growing medium (potting mix) that it takes to […]